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AIESEC-Colors of the World

Am 28. und 29. November fand ein 2-tägiger Workshop an unserer Schule statt. Studenten aus Algerien, Armenien, Mexiko und der Ukraine berichteten zunächst über ihre Heimatländer, und haben dann in Kleingruppen gemeinsam mit den Schüler/innen Probleme, Besonderheiten, etc. ihrer Länder bearbeitet. Da der gesamte Workshop noch dazu auf Englisch gehalten wurde, war es auch gleichzeitig eine tolle Gelegenheit, die Englischkenntnisse auszupacken!




Colors of the World

Mexico:At the beginning Gustavo showed us some old toys for little kids. Then he talked about the problems in Mexico: drugs, crime and corruption. He showed us how modern and highly developed Mexico City actually is, which we didn’t expect. In the end we played “Mexican Bingo”, which was great fun.

Armenia: The topic of this workshop was marriage and virginity. Lucy explained us how a traditional wedding looked like and how it is today. But something that hasn’t changed is, that a girl should stay a virgin until she gets married. We had some conversations and talked about our future. In the end she told us, no matter what, if we really want it, we will get it and we should never give up on our dreams!

(Franciska Saric, 6B)


In this workshop we learned a lot of new things about those countries, and I’m glad I took part in it.
The first day was a “What-do-you-need-to-know-about-this-country”-day, where we expanded our knowledge about each country listening to their presentations.
The second day was spent with traditional things we were curious about, and the problems in those countries.
Algeria taught us a little bit about their language and scripture, their clothing-style but also about their education-, laziness- and Sahara-Problem. We got the chance to help Algeria with a small presentation by ourselves.
Ukraine showed us their similarity to other countries in Europe, like Bosnia, Russian or Croatia. Music, dance and food were no felt behind but their political tension in this country was our main issue. In various discussions we represented our ideas and thoughts and compared it with others.

(Sadina Bevab, 6B)




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