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Mitteilungsblatt Nr. 1

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Terminkalender 2018/19 1. Semester

Nachmittagsunterricht SJ 2018/19

Am 15.10.2014 besuchten die 3. und 4. Klassen des BG/BRG-Pestalozzi das Stück SPOOKED, eine Neuadaption des berühmten Oscar Wilde Klassikers Das Gespenst von Canterville. Das Stück wurde im Orpheum Graz von der Crew des Vienna English Theatre aufgeführt.

spooked 1

Lesen sie hier einige Meinungen und Eindrücke von Schülerinnen und Schülern der 3.Klassen:

„I liked the play, because the actors were very funny and the sound was also very nice. I liked Virginia best, because she is sweet and mature and she is interested in history. I didn’t like Mrs. Otis, because she is obsessed with money. The scene in which Lord Canterville said:”If you stay in this house for any length of time, sooner or later, you will see a hideous, ghastly, horrifying apparition” and Washington replied “Called Mrs. Omney,” was the funniest scene for me. If I could change places with one of the characters I would like to be Sir Simon, because then I would find out what it is like to be a ghost.” Alexandra Kahr, 3.D

“My favorite scenes were the ones in which Sir Simon and Washington appeared together. My favorite character was Virginia, because she is interested in history, smart and caring. However, the play wasn’t easy to understand and this is why I didn’t like it that much.“ Selina Fras 3.D

“Did I like the play? Yes and no! Yes, because I liked the actors and actresses and the music. No, because it was a little bit boring for me at times. First the plot developed very slowly and then suddenly everything went really fast. The part with the basketball where Mrs. Otis got her imagination back was very silly and the part where the ghost jumped out of the trunk was very funny.” Iris Haumann, 3.D

“At first I liked the play, but in the end things happened very fast. So it was difficult to understand. That was a pity. My favorite character was Washington. He is a bit like me. I really didn’t like Sir Simon de Canterville, because he was dressed like Mozart. It was funny when Mrs. Omney scratched her ass and it was silly when Mrs. Otis found the shield.” Alina Neuhold, 3.D

“I think the actors played very well. I liked that they changed their roles very fast. Before the play started, the actors talked to us and made fun. The play was funny and sometimes exciting. The story of “Spooked” is very interesting and mysterious. I think that the end was a little bit too short and sometimes the play was a bit strange, but I laughed a lot when Sir Simon, the ghost, played. It wasn’t always easy to understand, but you knew what they meant. I liked “Spooked” very much.” Lara Anna Ricarda Schönbacher, 3.C

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